I drank coffee aftet 8pm and now my brain won't shut up. It could also be the anticipation of starting work in the morning but I'm pretty sure it's the coffee. My warning to all of you: if you can't handle coffee after 8, then don't drink it. No matter how tasty. Don't do it. You, too, will be filled with regret.

Feeling Nostalgic

In high school, I would have been one of those girls who wears black on the outside b/c she feels black on the inside, but I never liked people knowing my business. Now, black is just chic and slimming and half my wardrobe. People told me the sarcasm was condescending, so that's reduced, too. For some reason, I'm…

Lemme In!

Hey, there, Groupthinkers....please approve me to post there. I have so much to say, and I'm tired of being silenced. It's Monday, and a little birdie told me that's when I'm supposed to ask. Though I'm not really sure where or Who to ask, so....Thanks?


The Day the Unemployment Sets In

I'm unemployed. Friday was my last day at work. I know that I now understand what "unemployment" entails, and that I'm doing it again, because I forgot that I made myself a pot of coffee two hours agountil someone on my television offered someone coffee by saying they'd just made a pot. Thank you, Suburgatory. Also, I…