Feeling Nostalgic

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In high school, I would have been one of those girls who wears black on the outside b/c she feels black on the inside, but I never liked people knowing my business. Now, black is just chic and slimming and half my wardrobe. People told me the sarcasm was condescending, so that's reduced, too. For some reason, I'm feeling nostalgic for that 17-year-old today. What would your 17-year-old self say to you?


Mine would probably berate me with insults, which I'd defend until I lost the battle, probably quickly. I hope she'd be impressed with what I've done, what I've seen, and not disappointed by my embrace of my failures. I used to live to impress her, being daring and bold. Then responsibilities weighed heavier and it was harder to lift them to do things she would enjoy. I had to tell her to shut the hell up for a while and sit down while the grown-ups figured things out. I like to think she'd be impressed by my take-charge attitude, when really, it was my Zero-Patience-For-Your-Shit attitude (which, thankfully, is still going strong)!

Illustration for article titled Feeling Nostalgic

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