It's been one of those days...

...where you think to yourself, "Am I autistic?"


The world is moving at a different speed, and you start to consider it, then remember the last time you thought this. The internet told you that you were not, in fact, autistic, but that doesn't stop your wondering.

This was me, today. Maybe I'm just overtired. Maybe there is actually a chemical problem. Until I take myself to a doctor to figure it out, I'll keep having days like this, when I wonder why I'm moving at 33rpm when the rest of the world is at 45rpm. Until then, I get to try to figure out how to pick up speed, all on my own. In the mean time, I'll fuck up simple tasks 8 ways before getting them right, or getting them good enough. I'll be a spaz around those who intimidate me. I won't notice errors until they are too big to deal with.


Now if you'll excuse me, BBC America is having a marathon of The Tudors. I'm about to start feeling more stable.


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