The Day the Unemployment Sets In

I'm unemployed. Friday was my last day at work. I know that I now understand what "unemployment" entails, and that I'm doing it again, because I forgot that I made myself a pot of coffee two hours agountil someone on my television offered someone coffee by saying they'd just made a pot. Thank you, Suburgatory. Also, I missed the morning in my living room, with its awesome sunlight-strewn floor, so I have no idea why it's getting so dark already. My mind is clearly on trying to figure out how to pay rent and all the bills required to be alive for another month, to remember to actually pour the coffee I made myself, let alone carry it into another room to consume it. Soon enough, the panic will set in.

I'm considering watching Parenthood (the tv series) to procrastinate that feeling. And, you know, for all the cries.


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